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P20 Household Plastic Injection Round Flower Pot Mould


Jtp Mould is known as one of the best manufacturers and exporters for plastic injection moulds for household articles, chair mould, pallet mould, crate mould, automotive mould and so on. Our moulds are mainly exported to Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Argentina, Colombia, India, Malaysia, Philippines and other 20 countries.

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to environment in our life. Gradually, people would like to put more time on plants to enjoy their spare time & protect the environment. Thus big quantity of garden pots & garbage bins are needed now or future. JTP MOULD always is here to offer you high quality molds to meet the worldwide demands, round flower pot mould, square flower pot mould, rectangular flower pot mould, hanging flower pot mould, seed pot mould, PP garden pot mould, PE garden pot mould, ABS garden pot mould, etc.

The structure of flower pot mould is very simple, but usually customers have some special requests on flower pot surface & texture, so we always do high shiny polish & nice texture on flowerpot mould. We also make some new designs of flowerpot for customer.

1. More detailed about P20 Household Plastic Injection Round Flower Pot Mould:
Name                   P20 Household Plastic Injection Round Flower Pot Mould                                                                  Mould material                         P20 /718 / H13/ 2344 
Cavity                                        1 cavity
Runner                                     cold runner
Mould design                           3D/2D
Design days                             1 day
Mould life                                  500, 000 shots
Plastic material                          PP PE, ABS ect
Injection system                         direct gate
Payment                                     30-40% of deposit by L/C T/T 60% of balance by L/C T/T
Delivery time                                50 days
Specification                              depends on customers' demand
Plastic Flowerpot Mould2. Order Process For Mould From JTP mould
Stage 1
Make product design drawing as per original sample or customer's concept
Get machine specs from buyer
Plan mould specification

Stage 2
Make mould drawings according to the buyer's requirments & machine specs.
Approval of mould drawings by the buyer's

Stage 3
Order steel & standard parts and start machining work on core, cavity & mould base
Fitting, adjusting, polishing
Detailing & Assembly

Stage 4
First trial -To check mould injection dimensions, fittings and mark corrections
Second trial-Detailed inspection, corrections

Stage 5
Send mould testing video & photos to the buyer
Send trial samples by courier to customer and take approval
After do final corrections, do final trial-inspection

Pack moulds with wooden case
Delivery mould by sea or by air

Our main business line:
 Commodity moulds: plastic chair, plastic table, buckets, laundry basket, trash bin, kitchenware, etc..
 Industrial moulds: pallet mould, crate mould, paint container mould, etc..
 Medical moulds: Test tube, petri dish, syringe mould, etc..
 Packaging moulds: PET preform mould, blowing mould, bottle mould, cap mould, etc..
 Automotive parts: bumper mould, dashboard mould, etc..
4. Our advantages
More than 10 years experience
Use real steel,save your time and money
Reasonable price
Punctual delivery
Good After-sale service

5. Offers you
Response on Email, telephone calls or fax in-time
Supply the quotation and mould designs in-time
Communication on the technical points in-time
Sending pictures for the mould machining progress and mould finishing Schedule in-time
Mould test and sample delivery in-time

 We will be contact with you quickly, to study and discuss your mould requirements together.
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