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What are the features of test tube moulds?

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What are the features of test tube moulds?

A test tube, also known as a culture tube or sample tube, is a common laboratory glassware consisting of finger-length glass or clear plastic tubes that open at the top and close at the bottom. We produce test tube molds, please read the following article for more information.


Here are the main points of the article:

What are the features of test tube moulds?

How is the degree of automation in test tube moulds manufacturing?

What is the sheet rolling mill in test tube moulds manufacturing?


1. What are the features of test tube moulds?

1. There are 4 cavities to 72 cavities on the test tube mould.

2. The electric control system of simulated tensile test is adopted to improve the yield.

3. Using the world's advanced dipole taper positioning technology, each cavity is clamped independently to ensure the concentricity of the test tube mould.

4. Die core and cavity are made of special die steel.

5. International standard screw neck, imported high hardness nitriding steel, long service life.

6. Advanced hot runner design and uniform heating temperature ensure the high quality of plastic products.

7. Valve type has no tail, reducing labor force.

8. At least 3 million guaranteed.



11.Corrosion resistance


2. How is the degree of automation in test tube moulds manufacturing?

As more industries increase automation in their respective factories, efforts will continue along the following lines:

Individual injection molding machine units will be connected via automatic processing mechanisms.

Provision is made for storage among machine units.

More and more safety control will be combined with the molding equipment of medical equipment.

Operators will be alert if something goes wrong. The operator will no longer work as an operator, but will work as a patrolman. Instead of moving parts from one injection molding machine to another, or controlling the controls of the machine, they patrol the production line for signs of impending problems. Obviously, these people are more trained than production operators.

Maintenance and preventive maintenance procedures will become more important and personnel upgrades will be required; However, normal maintenance, such as lubrication, will be done automatically.

Automated inspection will be combined with an automated process. The device will automatically pop out the defective work and feed the necessary adjustment information back to the process to prevent the subsequent defective product.


3. What is the sheet rolling mill in test tube moulds manufacturing?

Here, from the billet into the furnace and through the subsequent rolling mill until the last roll is at the end of the production line, automatic control controls all the steps. New input data in the form of punched cards or magnetic tapes are introduced into the controller. Roll speed and pressure are automatically corrected, temperature is automatically checked and corrected if necessary, and the thickness of the sheet is automatically measured to ensure it is to production specifications.


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