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China Plastic Mold Manufacturer - JTP MOULD
China Plastic Mould Supplier - JTP MOULD


More than 15 years of plastic mould experience to meet international quality standards
Jtp Mould is known as one of the best China plastic mould manufacturers and exporters for household items, such as chair mould, crate mould, bucket mould, medical mould and so on. We have advanced plastic molding process, and our plastic moulds are mainly exported to North America, South America, Europe, Australia and middle east countries.

We use a full range of CNC machining centers, large gantry milling machines, vertical milling machines, CNC engraving Machines, electric spark(EDM), wire-cutters, etc.. We have advanced technology for CAD / CAM / CAE design and rich experiences in plastic mould making. Advanced plastic molding process makes us to have great ability to manufacture big size moulds, complex moulds, deep-cavity moulds and high precision moulds.


 Good quality as per European standard
 Punctual delivery time
 Competitive prices
 Excellent after-sale service.
 Professional communication with customers during plastic mould process.
 We can provide whole set of production line for plastic injection molding.


 Commodity moulds: plastic chair, plastic table, buckets, laundry basket, trash bin, kitchenware, etc..
 Industrial moulds: pallet mould, crate mould, paint container mould, etc..
 Medical moulds: Test tube, petri dish, syringe mould, etc..
 Packaging moulds: PET preform mould, blowing mould, bottle mould, cap mould, etc..
 Automotive parts: bumper mould, dashboard mould, etc..


Professional China Plastic Injection Mould Manufacturer


Welcome to our websiteJtp Mould is known as one of the best manufacturers and exporters for plastic injection moulds for household articles, chair mould, pallet mould, crate mould, automotive mould and so on. Our moulds are mainly exported to Italy, Australia,Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Argentina,Colombia,India, Malaysia, Philippines and other 20 countries. 1. More detailed about 12&75 16 Cavity test tube mould
  • [Company News] Welcome To Our Website

    Welcome to our website (http://www.jtpmould.com)JTP Mould is known as one of the best mould manufacturers of all kinds of plastic mould for household items in China, such as chair mould, crate mould, bucket mould, medical mould, automotive part moulds and so on. We can also make blow mould, such as

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    Plastic Injection Moulds are expensive because they are very complex mechanical systems. It requires: Engineering and design, special materials, machinery and highly skilled personnel to manufacture, assemble and test them.

  • [Industry News] What Is Plastic Injection Molding?

    Plastic injection molding is a popular and economical industrial process for manufacturing a wide range of plastic consumer products. These include knobs, washers, valves, pulleys, gears, power tools, bottle caps, toys, car panels, computer monitors, keyboards, furniture and so on.

  • [Industry News] The Basic Way To Improve The Quality of The Mould

    The quality of the mold will directly affect the quality, output, cost, production of new products and the renewal of old products, the adjustment of product structure and market competitiveness. Therefore, the economic situation puts higher and higher requirements on the quality of molds.

  • [Industry News] Everything You Need To Know About Injection Molding

    Injection Molding is a manufacturing process for producing parts inlarge volume. It is most typically used in mass-production processes where the same part is being created thousands or even millions of times in succession.

 We will be contact with you quickly, to study and discuss your mould requirements together.
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