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4 Cavities Plastic Round Food Container Mould


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Jtp Mould is known as one of the best manufacturers and exporters for plastic injection moulds for household articles, chair mould, pallet mould, crate mould, automotive mould and so on. Our moulds are mainly exported to Italy, Australia,Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Argentina,Colombia,India, Malaysia, Philippines and other 20 countries.  
1. More detailed about 4 Cavities Plastic Round Food Container Mould

name                                 4 Cavities Plastic Round Food Container Mould

mould material                 H13
cavity                                  4 cavities
runner                                 hot  runner
mould design                  3D/2D
design days                     1 day
mould life                          1 million shots
plastic material                  PP PS
  ejection                              fully automatic
payment                             40% of deposit by L/C T/T 60% of balance by L/C T/T
delivery time                      50-60 days
specification                      depends on customers' demand

2. Why thin wall containers are so difficult to molding?
Generally, during injection molding, thin wall container easy to appear uneven wall thickness and as the wall thickness is too thin, it needs high speed and high pressure injection, so the machine should be bigger than machine for general product, it is not because of its mould size is bigger or it needs big injection weight, it just because it needs high injection pressure, so the clamping force should be big.
3.Why we can product good plastic thin wall moulds?
As for thin wall product moulds, the dimension of the moulds should be controlled precision. For such products, we always use high speed milling machine and some other high precision tooling machine to make it, the tolerance should be controlled in 0.02mm.Regarding the ejection system, we usually use air to blow first, then the container will not stick to the core and then use double ejector plates drived by hydraulic cylinders to ejector the product off the mould. As the container is too thin, so we generally don't use ejector pins, because ejector pin will easy lead to deformation.
Cooling system is also very important to such thin wall product, just as I stated above, for such product molding, it needs high speed and high pressure. So the mould temperature will be high, it is very important to control the mould in low temperature, so we should add water channel as more as possible, and it should be near the product surface. Besides, we always adapt with BeCu to help the mould cooling, because BeCu has good thermal conductivity. Even though, the price will be much high than mould without BeCu, but the good cooling will help make the product very beautiful.

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