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Jtp Mould is known as one of leading China plastic mould manufacturers and exporters for custom plastic molding service.
We have advanced technology for CAD/CAM/CAE design and rich experiences in plastic injection mould making, for over 15 years. 
High quality as per international standard.
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Plastic Bucket Mould

Plastic bucket mould can use to form into any shape according to your need.

According to the capacity, bucket injection moulds can be utilized from 1L to 100L.

We know how to make a good plastic injection bucket mould and using the bucket long time, also, we know how to using the bucket mould longer.

The bucket mould steel we choose:P20/718/H13, etc. The surface of the bucket mold should be mirror polished and hard chrome plated, so that the bucket  mould is always bright and will not rust. It is fully automatic,and the ejection of our bucket mould is air ejection.

High quality house wares moulds from JTP Mould will be your good choice. We are experienced in making plastic bucket mould, have good reputation of the high quality and nice service in the mould line. So, what are you waiting for? Find the best Bucket moulding manufacturer and purchase the required products of yours.

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