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Jtp Mould is known as one of leading China plastic mould manufacturers and exporters for custom plastic molding service.
We have advanced technology for CAD/CAM/CAE design and rich experiences in plastic injection mould making, for over 15 years. 
High quality as per international standard.
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Plastic Crate Mould

The crate moulds we have made contains milk crate mould, fruit crate mould, beer crate mould, bread crate mould, vegetable crate mould, fish crate mould, foldable crate mould and so on.

JTP Mould has a strong plastic crate mould designer team who has ability to finish the high quality crate mould manufacture. In order to guarantee a strong strength, we will design strength ribs in the bottom of plastic circulation box mould.

JTP can supply complete plastic crate injection molding line service to help customer setup new crate molding production line.

Cooling system, hot runner system is very important in these plastic molds. JTP Mould is a leading China plastic crate mould manufacturer, we will give you the best solution!

 We will be contact with you quickly, to study and discuss your mould requirements together.
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