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Chinaplas 2018 Booth Number

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We will attend the exhibition of Chinaplas 2018 in Shanghai

Booth No. 5.2 S41, 

Date: April 24~27, 2018

Welcome to visit our booth in Chinaplas 2018 in Shanghai!

JTP Mould is known as one of the best mould manufacturers in China for all kinds of plastic mould for household items, such as chair mould, crate mould, bucket mould, medical mould, automotive part moulds and so on. We can also make blow mould, such as bottle mould, 200L /220L drum extrusion blow mould.

In Chinaplas 2018, we will mainly show the following items on our booth:

Commodity Moulds: Plastic chair, table, buckets, laundry basket, trash bin

Industrial Moulds: Pallet mould, crate mould, paint container mould, etc..

Medical Moulds: Test tube, petri dish, syringe mould, etc..

We are a reliable plastic mould maker in China. Our customers are satisfied with our mould quality.

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