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How to make a crate mould long life running?

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How to make a crate mould long life running?

To make a good cratemould, you need to know the technical and quality points of the crate mould as follows: key points of the crate mould quality; life span; high speed performance; exhaust solution adopted in the handle area of the crate mould and so on. In the article below, we will focus on the points of the crate mould listed above and talk about how to make a long-lifespan crate mould.


Here are the main points of the article:

  • How do you make a long-lifespan crate mould?

  • How do you make a crate mould with high speed performance?

  • What is the exhaust solution for plastic crate mould handle area?


1. How do you make a long-lifespan crate mould?

To make a long-lifespan crate mould, the following tips are to follow:

l Select the right crate mould base and steel. If you need to make a 4-cavity crate mould, then you need to use a pre-hardened steel with HRC greater than 33 crate mould base. You must select the right steel or material for durable crate mould components.

l Correct quenching treatment for each piece of steel and controlling the hardness of steel to be not too hard is critical.

l The movement area or guiding system of the crate mould must be machined with great precision. Any manual operation is unacceptable.

l If the crate moulds are disposable, some molding companies use recycled materials for injection molding.


2. How do you make a durable crate mould with high speed performance?

The need for a reliable mould material filling system and a reliable hot runner system is important, as for building durable crate moulds, using low MFI of 4 or 6 is needed. The best optimized cooling effect is required for a long-lifespan crate mould, usage of the mold-max molding design for the cooling water channel area is also required. For one-time use crate moulds, you need to use tempered steel which has excellent cooling system design. You need a high-speed injection molding machine to run it and the screw speed should be greater than 350. Most crate manufacturers now use batteries to improve melt and injection speeds. Plastic crate mould design is also very important, it is best to use a mechanical system on the crate mould to eject, so that when the crate mould is open and you can make ejection. Of course, maybe your machine can work with 2 hydraulics at the same time, and then you can do the stripping when you open the mold. For all kinds of crate moulds, high speed operation is carried out on the basis of mold precision machining, it is impossible to realize high speed operation of the mold by precisely guiding the moving parts.


3. What is the exhaust solution for plastic crate mould handle area?

This is an important problem because when the crate mould is loaded and moved, the two handle areas will be the maximum force focus. If the exhaust in this area is not perfect on the crate mould, there will be obvious connection lines. The damage always comes from this line.


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