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The Basic Way To Improve The Quality of The Mould

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The quality of the mold will directly affect the quality, output, cost, production of new products and the renewal of old products, the adjustment of product structure and market competitiveness. Therefore, the economic situation puts higher and higher requirements on the quality of molds. So how can we improve the quality of the mold more reasonably? 

1) Product quality: the stability and conformity of the product size, the smoothness of the surface of the product, the utilization rate of the product materials, etc.;

2) Service life: the number of work cycles or the number of parts produced by the mold under the premise of ensuring the quality of the product;

3) Maintenance of the mold: whether it is the most convenient to use, easy to demould, and the production auxiliary time is as short as possible;

4) Maintenance costs, maintenance periodicity, etc.

The basic way to improve the quality of the mold:

1) Firstly, the design of the parts should be reasonable, and the best structural scheme should be selected as much as possible. The designer of the parts should consider that the technical requirements of the parts and their structure must conform to the craftability and feasibility of the mold manufacturing.

2) The design of the mold is the most important step to improve the quality of the mold. Many factors need to be considered, including the selection of the mold material, the usability and safety of the mold structure, the processability of the mold parts and the convenience of mold maintenance. At the beginning of the design, you should try your best to think about it.

3) The manufacturing process of the mold is also an important part of ensuring the quality of the mold. The processing method and processing precision in the mold manufacturing process also affect the service life of the mold. The accuracy of each component directly affects the overall assembly of the mold. In addition to the influence of the accuracy of the equipment itself, it is necessary to improve the machining accuracy of the mold parts by improving the machining method of the parts and improving the technical level of the fitter in the mold grinding process. 

4) Surface strengthening of the main forming parts of the mold to improve the surface wear resistance of the mold parts, thereby better improving the quality of the mold. For surface strengthening, different strengthening methods should be used according to the molds for different purposes.

(5) The correct use and maintenance of the mold is also a major factor in improving the quality of the mold. For example, the installation and debugging mode of the mold should be appropriate. In the case of hot runners, the power supply wiring should be correct, and the cooling water circuit should meet the design requirements. The parameters of the injection molding machine, die casting machine and press in the production of the mold should be consistent with the design requirements. and many more. 

In short, in order to improve the quality of the mold, we must first consider the impact on the quality of the mold, and secondly through the cooperation of various departments. The quality of the mold is the true embodiment of the mold company's strength.

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