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Which kind of Plastic Medical Test Tube (Laboratory Tube) do we make?

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JTP MOULD is a professional China plastic medical mould manufacturer, engaged in design and making injection molds for laboratory parts and other plastic medical moulds.

The plastic material of our plastic injection test tubes molds is PP/PS.

The size of the medical test tube can be 12*75mm, 13*75mm, 12*100mm, 16*100mm, etc.. We can produce the laboratory tube mould according to your size requirement.

Moulds Construction Details:

Cavity Number: 24

Mold Base: Standard LKM

Mold Plates material: P20

Core Cavity/Insert Material: S136 ASSAB STAVAX ESR(1.2083ESR)

Runner type: Hot Runner

Mold Life: 3 million shots

Lead Time: 45-50 days

We can make 16 cavity test tube mould, 32 cavity test tube mould and 48 cavity test tube mould. All the test tube molds can be fixed on plastic injection molding machine 160 tons to 260 tons. Except for the medical test tube mould, we also offer you various other plastic mold products. For more China plastic mould products, you can contact to us as you want.

Before buying the plastic mould, you must fully understand the service and the product guarantee of the mould supplier, of course, we guarantee the quality of our plastic medical mould is at top class and offer you the best mould service. Please send details of the plastic medical parts, so that we can offer you good price.

 We will be contact with you quickly, to study and discuss your mould requirements together.
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