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Which kind of plastic tableware molds are good?

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Which kind of plastic tableware moulds are good?

The judgment factor of good plastic tableware mould has good mould life, good steel, and very fast cycle time. If the plastic tableware mould has these factors, it's basically good.

JTP Mould is a professional plastic mould factory, has more than 15 years of experience in cutlery mould making and custom injection molds. We process knife & fork & spoon mould by high advanced tools and requisite facilities, CNC, milling machine, lathe, grinder, line cutting, EDM, drilling and other equipment.

We usually use very good steel for tableware mould, such as 718, NAK80, H13, 2316, S136, etc..

Our plastic tableware mould manufacturing ensured by:

Quality Control:

1. Assure the high quality design (2D&3D) approved by the customer before process the plastic mould

2. Strictly control mould manufacturing quality

3. Strict inspection of trial samples in dimensions and specifications

4. Strict inspection of the tableware mould working on the injection machine before shipment

Time Control:

1. Working out a reasonable schedule for project and propelling concurrent engineering technique, which will improve the efficiency of plastic mould manufacturing remarkably.

2. Strictly follow the schedule to finish every step for making cutlery mould.

What else do we make tableware molds? 

We also make disposable tableware molds, which is widely used in daily life. Including Folding Tea Spoon Mould, Coffee Spoon Mould, Tea Spoon Mould, Cocktail Spoon Mould, Ice Cream Spoon Mould, Stirrer Mould, Snack Spoon Mould, Chip Fork Mould, Spork Mould, Crystal Polystyrene Glass Mould, Wine Glass Mould, Champagne Glass Mould, Fish Fork Mould, Dinner Fork Mould, Salad Fork Mould, Dinner Plate Mould, Dinner Knife Mould, Fish Knife Mould, Soup Spoon Mould, Dessert Fork Mould, Dessert Spoon Mould, Bread Plate Mould, Plastic Knife Mould, etc.. For more tableware molds, you can browse our Plastic Tableware Mould product list.

If you already have CAD/3d drawings, you are welcome to send us the date for quotation. 

 We will be contact with you quickly, to study and discuss your mould requirements together.
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